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Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game For Ages 7 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

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Price: $16.99
(as of Nov 05,2023 12:14:24 UTC – Details)

This exclusive edition of the Battleship game includes 2 planes in addition to ships, for exciting aircraft combat. In head to head battle, players search for the enemy’s fleet of ships and aircraft, and destroy them one by one. With convenient portable battle cases and realistic looking naval crafts and planes, the Battleship game puts players right in the middle of the action. Each player announces the coordinates of each strike, and then hopes that it hits. Position ships strategically to survive opponent’s relentless strikes, and track hits and misses with red and white pegs on the ocean grid. No ship or aircraft is safe in this game of stealth and suspense. Hasbro gaming and all related terms are a trademark of Hasbro.
Sink Ships and crash Planes: with this edition, fans of the battleship game can crash enemy Planes in addition to sinking Ships to win
Portable Game: the battleship game includes 2 portable battle cases so players can take it with them, and Dive into an instant game on the go
A childhood favorite: remember playing the battleship game as a kid. Kids and adults can enjoy playing this entertaining game together. It’s also a great strategy game. Play it in the classroom
Convenient storage: The game has convenient ship, plane, and peg storage on the side of the ocean grid

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