Medela 240 Count Breast Pads and 1.3 Ounce Purelan Lanolin Nipple Cream Breastfeeding Bundle

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The Medela breastfeeding bundle includes 240 ultra-thin disposable nursing pads and a 1.3 ounce tube of pure lanolin nipple cream. The Safe & Dry disposable pads feature a leakproof, absorbent design to handle low to moderate leakage. With five layers of protection and a polymer moisture locking core, these pads keep clothing and sheets dry while an oval shape and adhesive strip provide a secure, contoured fit. Individually wrapped for hygiene and portability, the hypoallergenic pads are gentle on sensitive skin. The included Purelan nipple cream provides fast relief for sore, cracked nipples with its deeply hydrating, medical-grade lanolin sourced ethically from farms. The rich lanolin forms a protective moisture barrier that is absorbed into skin to restore the natural balance. As a single ingredient cream without additives, Purelan is safe for mom and baby, so no need to remove before nursing. Together, these two products perfectly complement each other – the ultra thin pads handle leakage and moisture while the nipple cream soothes and protects. With the ability to relieve nipple soreness while absorbing leaks, this bundle contains essentials for comfortable breastfeeding.
Features Medela’s 100% natural lanolin nipple cream made from pure medical grade lanolin to provide fast relief for sore, cracked nipples
Nursing pads are hypoallergenic with a soft, honeycomb lining that is gentle on sensitive skin
Lanolin nipple cream moisturizes dry skin and can be used safely without removing before breastfeeding
Nursing pads are Medela’s #1 physician recommended brand and are uniquely contoured in an oval shape for comfort and discretion

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